Welcome to Miskatonic University: An Anthology

Created by Scott Gable

An anthology of modern short stories inspired by that strange, magical place known as Miskatonic University.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

It Came from Miskatonic University
over 3 years ago – Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 07:09:09 PM

The ebook for It Came from Miskatonic University is alive! 

It has been officially released and is available for download from the BackerKit for all of you that are expecting it. I'll be making a more public announcement on the blog in the next day or two.

More soon...!

So Many Books
over 3 years ago – Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 07:41:11 PM

Just about all the books are now sent, and hopefully, you've got yours already! 

There are a few that came back, so I'll be reaching out to those of you affected for new addresses. So now, I just need to finish building the ICMU ebook (and then finish the leather-bound edition), which I'll be doing this month (July).

And while you're waiting for that, please consider checking out our next anthology...

We just launched our next anthology Kickstarter. This is for the anthology Whether Change: The Revolution Will Be Weird, which is full of weird tales of the revolution, whether that revolution be political, social, sexual, identity-based, neurological, artistic, or spiritual, and for Cooties Shot Required: There Are Things You Must Know, our anthology about the weird lives of kids.

Stay awesome!

It Came from Miskatonic University, Proof of Life
over 3 years ago – Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 12:56:24 PM

It's here! The print proof of It Came from Miskatonic Universityarrived!!!

Both the paperback and hardcover. And they look really great. So now there's a shipment on its way to me. And then soon there'll be books on their way to you! 

Most of the last items will go out with those shipments, including the MU stickers. And then that just leaves the ebook for this one and the combined edition, which will be coming up next now that both books are finished.

This journey's had its challenges, but I've learned a lot and leveled up(!!!) and am stoked to be able to get you your books. It'll take a couple weeks for the books to reach me and then a couple more for them to reach you, so look for them starting in mid-May

More as I can! Hope you're all weathering the Corona Storm!

ps, And here's the promo text for the new book:

More modern tales of good ol' MU! Each story shows a slice of college life at this storied and magical institution, steeped in the occult and part of the strange town of Arkham. Come visit this fascinating New England university—where science and magic, tradition and experimentation go hand in hand—and the quiet, secretive locals on which it relies.

More odd tales of campus life at Miskatonic University from:

Lynne Hardy • Tonya Liburd • S.L. Edwards • Richard Lee Byers • Jacqueline Bryk • David Kammerzelt • Dawn Vogel • Chuck Regan • Oliver Smith • Jennifer Brozek • Mary Berman • Jill Hand • Dani Atkinson • Matt Maxwell • Erica L. Satifka & Rob McMonigal • Matthew M. Bartlett

Glad to see you're back at MU! I know I had some big scares my first year here, and honestly, I almost called it quits. But then I just realized one day that this is where I belong. This is where I can make my mark, maybe make a difference. I learned so much that first year, and it nearly broke me. But I rebuilt myself. And now I'm here to help you and the other students figure out your own paths.

Faculty struggling for funding in the occult sciences. Students trying to navigate whole new worlds of possibility. Administration striving for growth and progress—not just damage control. And Arkham residents adjusting to the constant influx of new faces.

Just study harder. Dance when you can. Laugh a lot. And don’t die.

  • "Introduction" by Scott Gable
  • "Identity Crisis" by Lynne Hardy
  • "Fear of a Black Planet" by Tonya Liburd
  • "Office Hours and After" by S.L. Edwards
  • "Student Body" by Richard Lee Byers
  • "Gills" by Jacqueline Bryk
  • "Intermediate Yithian" by David Kammerzelt
  • "Hashtag TPE" by Dawn Vogel
  • "The Secret Trials of Oscar Bloom" by Chuck Regan
  • "Mowbray's Museum" by Oliver Smith
  • "The Librarian's Handbook" by Jennifer Brozek
  • "Ordinary People" by Mary Berman
  • "It Takes a Special Kind of Girl to Steal the Necronomicon" by Jill Hand
  • "Between the Holes" by Dani Atkinson
  • "The Kingdom of Is" by Matt Maxwell
  • "The Last Observer" by Erica L. Satifka & Rob McMonigal
  • "My Miskatonic: A Who's Who of Arkham" by Matthew M. Bartlett (art by Yves Tourigny)

Welcome to Miskatonic University Full Release
over 4 years ago – Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 08:36:23 PM

It's here! The anthology Welcome to Miskatonic University is now all grown up and out in the world with its public release! The MOBI and EPUB ebooks are available for download at the BackerKit. (I thought there was an automatic notice that got sent out, but I'm realizing that I had to do that manually, which should have just happened, so my apologies if you're just now realizing the ebooks were finished.) The remaining ebooks will be finished and uploaded farther in advance of the public release.

Some quiet horror, some dark humor, and some weird slice of life at this storied New England institution and the surrounding Arkham by some wonderful authors.

"The stories vary in form and content, but their connection to the university is always clear. [...] There is also beer. This short story collection will fit right in with any horror or new-adult collection." (Booklist)

Stories by Brandon O'Brien, Bennett North, Kristi DeMeester, Elliot Cooper, Liz Schriftsteller, K.G. McAbee, Brenda Kezar, Nate Southard, Scott R Jones, Gina Marie Guadagnino, Joseph S. Pulver, Marcus Chan, and Gwendolyn Kiste.

And it includes "My Miskatonic," presenting some of those strange people you might bump into on the streets of Arkham, by Matthew M. Bartlett and Yves Tourigny. With cover by Michael Bukowski and Jeremy Zerfoss.

So all of the print orders have now gone out with the following exceptions: It Came from Miskatonic University and Nowhereville, which are both close to being finished, and though Catfish Lullaby prints were sent out, the ebook is not yet finished. MU bumper stickers will ship with the two final anthologies.

Thanks for reading! More soon...

First Book Ready to Ship
over 4 years ago – Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 08:42:01 PM

Whew! Busy bunch of weeks.

Just before leaving for Emerald City Comicon, what should appear on my doorstep but the hardcover copies of Welcome to Miskatonic University! So you may have seen me there all excited and geeking out over our newest book. The con was so much fun. But four days is a lot of days, and I came back exhausted and, yes, quite sick with con crud. Which I'm mostly recovered from now.

I'm going to start shipping WTMU to backers (along with any add-on orders for currently published books). It'll take a little bit to package all the orders, but I hope to have they all on their way by next week. The second anthology and the other new books will ship together when I wrap those up.

Other good news, final edits for our next novel, The Great Faerie Strike, have been turned over to author Spencer Ellsworth, so that one's that much closer to being finished as well for any of you that have pre-ordered it. So next up is the layout for Catfish Lullaby and finalizing edits on It Came from Miskatonic University and Nowhereville.

Here's some pics to tide you over until you can hold a copy in your own hands!