Welcome to Miskatonic University: An Anthology

Created by Scott Gable

An anthology of modern short stories inspired by that strange, magical place known as Miskatonic University.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Another Nor'easter Hits Miskatonic as Students Off for Spring Break
almost 6 years ago – Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 04:56:01 PM

Welcome to Miskatonic University! Our students have just started their spring break—most, off to climes with either more sun or more snow, though the archaeology club at least is off to the MA hinterlands, braving the wind and the wet to sate what appears to be an almost inhuman curiosity—so this gives you a chance to see a quieter side of campus.

Just back from the 4 days that is Emerald City Comic Con! Had a blast (though I lost my voice there, so if you find it, please email me). Lots of amazing cosplay, and I got to chat with a ton of folks about books (and this Kickstarter!), and maybe I even saw a few of you there.

As for the Kickstarter, we're so excited by the support you've shown—thank you. We're already almost halfway there! [We actually just crossed the 50% mark while I was writing this, so YAY!!!—sg] These two volumes of Miskatonic tales promise such delights and such frights. Have you wondered about the training process for assistant professors here? How the library policies are enforced? What's served in the cafeteria (when you can even find it)?

Here's a minimum of what we'll be covering over the coming weeks through our Updates:

  • Beginning an interview series of our creative partners: the artists and authors featured in this project
  • Unveiling new content, such as possible sticker designs
  • Highlighting some other Kickstarter projects that we love
  • And whatever cool new things we think of along the way!

Today I give you two of those.

We Love these Projects

Here's a list of four really great crowdfunding projects that we love and that you might too. (Some of them ending soon!).

  • Vastarien (ENDS IN 2 DAYS): This is a literary journal devoted to the dark weird fiction of author Thomas Ligotti, a giant of modern weird fiction. There's much great talent involved in this project, and I'm very excited to get my hands on issue #1.
  • Blacktasticon (ENDS IN 6 DAYS): A convention celebrating Black speculative fiction in Atlanta, GA. Milton Davis and company publish wonderful tales and are putting together what looks to be a fabulous event.
  • The Dark Magazine: The Dark has been publishing wonderfully unsettling fiction for 5 years! And they've got plans for the next 2 years to be even bigger and better. You can read many of the stories they've published online right now.
  • The Outer Dark: More than just a fascinating podcast, the Outer Dark is launching their second annual symposium of weird fiction in San Jose, CA. It's crazy how much talent will be in attendance. And it will all be podcasted after for those of us that can't attend.


And down there just below is the mischievous mascot logo of good ol' MU, Squidly (brought to you by Jeremy Zerfoss).

Please help us share the word about this Miskatonic adventure—you're helping to bring a lip-biting, toe-curling bundle of stories into this reality. Thank you, and may your day be filled with eerie thrills.